Elena Pierazzo | “Digital Scholarly Editing: from the Platonic to the Heraclitean Texts”

4 Maggio 2017 ore 17.00

Università di Verona | Polo Santa Marta | Aula SMT2

Scarica la locandina

It is a truth universally acknowledged that documentary editions have found a very welcoming home in cyberspace. The unrelenting progress of computer technology has changed the nature of textual scholarship at the most fundamental level: the way editors and scholars work, the tools they use to do such work and the research questions they attempt to answer have all been affected. Documentary editing has often been considered a lower form of scholarship, as suggested by its being commonly called “noncritical editing,” a name that barely hides the conviction of its being a non- or prescholarly endeavor. However, this allegedly humble form of editing has now taken a leading role in the digital arena, boosted, it seems, by the availability of digital facsimiles. Building on established and emerging research, Elena Pierazzo’s recent essays (“Digital documentary editions”, 2014; “Digital Scholarly Editing: Theories and Practices”, 2016) tackle these issues and shed light on a crucial moment in the history of technology and on the practices involved in producing, editing and reading digital scholarly editions.