Digital tools for the analysis of literary texts

Workshop: Università di Verona | 23-26 Ottobre 2017


Digital tools for the analysis of literary texts: topic modelling, text reuse, stylometry
23-26 October 2017 | University of Verona | Room S1 Polo Zanotto


Greta Franzini (University of Göttingen)

Ulrike Henny-Krahmer (University of Würzburg)

Simone Rebora (University of Verona / University of Göttingen)

Language of the course: English
Registration: free (registration form available here)

Further information will be published soon! For any questions, please contact

Organizers: Adele Cipolla, Anna Cappellotto, Tiziana Mancinelli



Monday 23
14.00-15.30 U. Henny-Krahmer
Topic Modelling: An Introduction

15.45-17.00 U. Henny-Krahmer
Topic Modelling: Corpus preparation

Tuesday 24
9.30-11.00 U. Henny-Krahmer
Topic Modelling: Using MALLET and tmw
11.30-13.00 U. Henny-Krahmer
Topic Modelling: Post Processing, Visualization and Interpretation of Results
15.00-17.00 G. Franzini
Automatic Text Reuse Detection in Historical Texts: An Introduction

Wednesday 25
9.30-11 G. Franzini
TRACER: Command Line practice and installation

11.30-13 G. Franzini
TRACER: Demonstration and practice with a provided data-set (in English)

14.30-16.00 G. Franzini
TRACER: Practice and class presentation of the results

Thursday 26
9.30-11.00 G. Franzini
TRACER: Conclusion, final remarks and feedback

11.30-13.00 S. Rebora
Stylometry in Theory. Delta Distance, Network Theory, and the Problem of Authorship Attribution

14.30-16.00 S. Rebora
Stylometry in Practice. Hands on R and Stylo