“Scholarly Editing and the Media Shift” 8-9 September 2015 | Program


University of Verona – Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures – Graduate School for the Humanities


Room S1 – Polo Zanotto

Marina Buzzoni (Ca’ Foscari University, Venice), Anna Cappellotto (University of Verona), Adele Cipolla (University of Verona), Roberta Facchinetti (Director of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Verona), Domenico Fiormonte (University of Roma 3), Omar Khalaf (Ca’Foscari University, Venice – Université-Sorbonne, Paris 4), Tiziana Mancinelli (University of Reading), Patrick Sahle (Institut für Dokumentologie und Editorik, University of Cologne), Desmond Schmidt (Queensland University of Technology), Arnaldo Soldani (Director of the Graduate School for the Humanities, University of Verona)

DH Verona

Pere Borrell del Caso, Huyendo de la crítica (1874), Madrid, Colección del Banco de España


Scholarly Editing and the Media Shift – Procedures and Theory


Sept. 8th

h. 9

Roberta Facchinetti and Arnaldo Soldani – Welcome Address

Adele Cipolla – Introduction to the Workshop

h. 9. 30

Patrick Sahle – Traditions of scholarly editing and the media shift



h. 11. 30

Domenico Fiormonte and Desmond Schmidt – Theory and practice of the Scholarly Digital Edition: The ECDOSIS PLATFORM



h. 15. 30


Tiziana Mancinelli – Models and methodologies to represent the digital text: Introduction to TEI, methods and languages to data management and display

17. 30

Omar Khalaf – The Edictum Rothari in the Codex Eporedianus: towards a digital encoding of the text for the ALIM 2 project



Sept. 9th

h. 9

Patrick Sahle – Editorial procedures recasted digitally


h. 11

Marina Buzzoni – Computer-assisted stemmatology: Some theoretical issues


h. 12

Anna Cappellotto – Towards a history of evaluating scholarly editions

Final Discussion



The seminar is addressed to PhD, graduate students and scholars: if you are interested in attending, please, register at proposals.filologiadigitale@ateneo.univr.it, by Aug., 31st, 2015

We will be able to offer to one of our participants (selected among undergraduates, PhD and graduate students) a bursary of 200,00 euros to cover travel and/or accommodation costs (for further details on application procedure please visit: http://filologiadigitaleverona.it/uncathegorized/dh-application-form)

Suggested Readings

We provide here below (in alphabetical order) with some significant contributions we warmly recommend to the participants, as preliminary readings for a better understanding of what is going to be discussed

1. Barbrook A.C., C.J. Howe, N. Blake, P. Robinson (1998), “The phylogeny of the Canterbury Tales.” Nature 394, p. 839.

2. Fiormonte D. (2007), “Il testo digitale: traduzione, codifica, modelli culturali”, in Piras P.R., A. Alessandro, D. Fiormonte (a cura di), Italianisti in Spagna, ispanisti in Italia: la traduzione. Atti del Convegno Internazionale (Roma, 30 – 31 ottobre 2007), Roma, Edizioni Q, pp. 271-284. Text also available at: https://www.academia.edu/196940/Il_testo_digitale_traduzione_codifica_modelli_culturali

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